Imagine being able to keep your assembly line humming by creating a custom tool, fixture or jig in just a few hours compared to waiting days for the part to be post-processed after printing or weeks for the part to be designed, produced and inspected using traditional manufacturing methods.

No matter what product is manufactured, tools, fixtures and jigs are the glue that holds the manufacturing process together, doing everything from aligning and holding product components to assembling and testing sub-assemblies at all stages of production. To avoid costly production delays and defects, new and customized tools must be introduced as they’re needed – and fast.

Only the Rize One 3D printer gives you an isotropic, engineering-grade thermoplastic part two times stronger and up to 100% faster and easier than other systems. Unlike other additive manufacturing technologies, Rize eliminates time-consuming, messy and costly post-processing after printing and our software automatically makes even imperfect files 3D printable. All of which means you can start production faster, reduce defects that occur during manufacturing, increase accuracy, cut costs and streamline manufacturing by producing short-run and customized tooling, fixtures and jigs on demand, even before a sample or prototype product is available.

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