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Empowering healthcare providers worldwide to deliver exceptional outcomes for patients. What could be more important? That’s the mission of global medical technology company, CONMED. The company develops and sells world-recognized surgical products...
February 19, 2018
Two weeks ago, I visited one of our customers, a global medical technology manufacturer. During my tour of their facility, I saw that, among other applications, they are using their Rize™ One 3D printer for a great use case, producing molds for...
February 12, 2018
This functional winch produced on a Rize™ One 3D printer is a great example of what Rize’s breakthrough sustainable and inclusive additive manufacturing technology can be used for on the production floor in each of your plants, in a machine shop, on...
January 29, 2018
With so much focus recently about end-use parts produced with 3D printers, we decided create an on-demand Webcast that outlines three simple ways you can use additive manufacturing to improve production, regardless of whether you are a global...
January 22, 2018
Happy New Year! We are delighted to kick off the New Year and our January Part of the Month with one of our customer’s parts. Merck, the global pharmaceutical giant, used their Rize™ One 3D printer to produce this functional lid and base which were...
January 01, 2018
In previous blogs, we’ve talked about how the ability to 3D print text and images directly onto parts is much more than just a nice-to-have capability.
December 11, 2017
We previously discussed our industry-leading, isotropic part strength (uniform strength in the X, Y and Z axes). In fact, our isotropic properties and superior strength have been supported by independent tests, showing that our parts are 2X stronger...
November 27, 2017
Since 1976, ThermoFab has distinguished themselves for delivering unparalleled thermoforming quality, accuracy, superior service and an astonishingly fast, four- to six-week turnaround time for companies seeking custom plastic enclosures in...
November 13, 2017
This is an impressive 3D printed work holding fixture and drill guide for use in production. The part is positioned in the v-blocks and then clamped into place. The drill bushings orient and guide the drill bits. Notice that the drill sizes are 3D...
November 06, 2017
It’s fair to say that most experienced users of industrial-class 3D printers and additive manufacturing systems have sound technical backgrounds. Many are engineers and it’s in your DNA to enjoy tinkering and experimentation. You want to be able to...
October 30, 2017