Rize transforms how products are designed and manufactured across a broad range of industries, opening up a world of possibilities for those who depend on prototyping to help fuel innovation and for those who see the potential for on-the-go production parts. An updated design for tomorrow morning’s meeting? A prototype available for evaluation later today? A custom tool printed in hours to keep the assembly line humming? 

For many, 3D printing hasn’t been viable or optimized because it wasn’t robust enough for the application, it wasn’t safe enough to use on the desktop in an office or the time and hassles of post-processing severely limited its use and effectiveness. 

The Rize One 3D printer delivers a versatile, office-safe and affordable commercial-class 3D printing solution that produces a stronger, usable part significantly faster than any other method.  This makes our solution ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications across a growing number of markets to speed time to market, cut costs, streamline operations, improve designs and increase accuracy.