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Rize One 3D Printer is now publicly available

We are delighted to announce that the Rize™ One 3D printer is now publicly available.

Having only just emerged from stealth mode in late July, we have received wide praise for our patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process, impressive beta customers, renown team of 3D printing pioneers and industry recognition. We made this announcement in Rize booth #406 at SOLIDWORKS World in Los Angeles.

“We are seeing enormous worldwide demand for our Rize One 3D printer, particularly among global manufacturers and healthcare facilities, and we are excited to begin shipping,” said Frank Marangell, President and CEO of Rize. “Our passionate and deeply experienced team has accomplished an impressive amount in a very short timeframe. We will quickly expand our go-to-market initiatives, while continuing to develop innovative new products.”

In just seven months since emerging from stealth mode, we are proud to have achieved the following:

Market Highlights

  • Public availability of the Rize One 3D printer.
  • Successful beta program with Reebok, Boston Engineering, a global consumer packaged goods manufacturer and a global automotive manufacturer.
  • Launch of our global Customer Referral Program.
  • Validation of the benefits of zero-post-processing technology in a report by 3D printing industry expert, Todd Grimm.
  • Pervasive awareness, with over 80 feature articles in industry and mainstream business press, Gartner and IDC analyst reports and an engaged and expanding online and social media community.

Product Highlights

  • Patents in the US, Japan, Korea and China.
  • External lab data verified isotropic material properties, stronger in the Z-axis than polycarbonate and two times stronger than ABSplus for use in customized end-use parts, production tooling and functional prototypes.
  • Patented APD process provides the ability to change material properties at the voxel (3D pixel) level, enabling:
    • Manufacturing parts on demand in the office wherever and whatever the office might be.
    • Unique zero-post-processing capability, speeding part turnaround time by up to 100% and saving $500K per year in post-processing labor costs.
    • Biocompatible parts, suitable for medical and other applications.
    • Detailed 3D printed text and images on parts.
    • Software that 3D prints even imperfect files, saving time on complex and tedious file fixing and eliminating the need for third-party software.
    • Safe, clean and Green materials and process, without any toxic emissions, from file to usable part, for use in a variety of locations and environments.


  • Rize increased its employee base by 20%, adding deeply experienced 3D printing sales, customer support and marketing professionals.

Awards and Recognition

We will be exhibiting our Rize One 3D printer and APD technology this week at SOLIDWORKS World through February 8 in booth #406 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.

We hope to see you there!