Full-Color & Carbon 3D Printing for Education

Classroom Safe 3D Printers

2 for 1 Offer


RIZE 3D printers safely and quickly produce strong functional parts, providing educational institutions with exceptional value. The full-color capability of our new XRIZE 3D printer enables a wider range of applications across academic departments, including engineering, art, marketing/business, entrepreneurship, life sciences, medical, industrial design, architecture/interior design and geography. RIZE 3D printers offer safe materials AND a safe process, without hazardous emissions or chemicals. Our RIZIUM ONE material is twice as strong as ABS, with industry-leading Z-axis strength. Ask us about our education pricing, featuring 2 printers for the price of 1!

RIZE 3D printers offer these advantages for educational institutions:

  • SAFE: materials and emissions and chemical-free process. No need for external ventilation
  • INK-MARKING: including part and student numbers for traceability
  • FULL-COLOR: enables applications across academic departments
  • CARBON: for applications requiring higher stiffness
  • VALUE: applications across many departments, and 2 for 1 pricing
  • SPEED: fastest time-to-part with minimal post-processing
  • STRENGTH: materials with best-in-class Z-axis strength for functional parts
  • EASY: for students and educators to learn and operate

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