Whether you need speed, ease of use, safety or strength, RIZE’s Augmented Deposition additive manufacturing process combines the very best hardware, software and materials to deliver functional thermoplastic parts faster, safer and more affordably than other systems.

Effective in the field, office and on the production floor, anyone across the enterprise can produce functional prototypes, end-use production parts, custom and replacement tooling on demand at the point of consumption.


With minimal pre- and post-processing required, RIZE empowers you to rapidly print, evaluate and iterate your designs in full, voxel-level color to accelerate and streamline the prototyping process. Best-in-class Z-strength and robust material properties enable you to produce realistic functional parts for direct design verification.

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Tooling fixtures & jigs manufacturing

Keep your assembly line humming with custom fixtures, jigs and replacement tools. Produce them with Rize for a fraction of the cost in just a few hours, rather than waiting days for a part to be post processed using other additive methods or weeks for a part to be designed, produced and inspected using traditional manufacturing methods.

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3d print end use production parts, industrial 3d printer

Service Parts

Rize enables you to efficiently manufacture molds and low quantities of custom and replacement end-use parts on demand wherever you need them, eliminating expensive investment in tooling, infrastructure and inventory.

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