3D Printed Marking Capability in Aerospace and Defense

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RIZE provides the very unique capability to 3D print detailed text and images onto and into strong, functional thermoplastic parts. You might be thinking that, while that is a great nice-to-have capability, you don’t really know how you would use it or if you have a compelling need for this capability.

For at least two of our aerospace and defense customers, 3D printed mark-up on functional parts is essential. Take our global aerospace and defense, security technology company. They use their RIZE ONE 3D printer to produce brackets, mounting tools, scale models of cabinetry and ship installation foundations ¼” to 1 foot for installation in ships. RIZE’s marking capability provides the company’s technicians with part identification and detailed installation instructions, so they understand how to mount the parts. This 3D printed information on their parts speeds the installation process and prevents costly and potentially dangerous errors.

3d print marking aerospace and defense, aerospace 3d print marking capability, 3d printing for aerospace and defense For another RIZE customer, a branch of the US military, marking capability on end-use parts ensures traceability. They use their RIZE ONE 3D printers for printing replacement parts in the field. Since many of these parts are truly mission-critical, 3D printed information, such as user identification numbers and dates, on parts, provides an audit trail that will not wear off with time.

Despite the importance of adding text and images onto functional parts for these customers, our RIZE ONETOUCH software makes doing so as easy as inserting them into a Word document.

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