A Gimbal Mount, From Generative Design to Fabrication: RIZE July Part of the Month

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We were honored to co-present with Dassault Systèmes at their Additive Manufacturing Symposium in Boston on the topic of Generative Design and Fabrication, a One-touch Experience for AM.

The presentation covered the benefits of Dassault Systèmes’ Generative Design solution and demonstrated how fabricating the part is integral to your Generative Design experience. We also discussed how RIZE’s AM technology enables a one-touch, end-to-end user experience during this process.

A Gimbal bracket used to mount a camera on the front of a drone was the subject of our end-to-end demo.

original and optimized assmebly, 3d printer software, assembly with 3d printed gimbal mount
Original (L) and Optimized (R) assembly.
RIZE 3d printing software, 3D printed parts with QR codes, RIZE industrial 3d desktop printer
Applying a QR code in RIZE software.
rize 3d printer, rizium white 3d printing filament, qr code on 3d printed part
Gimbal mount 3D printed on RIZE ONE 3d printer.

The Part Stats:

  • Print time: 6 hours 56 minutes
  • Support removal time: 5 minutes
  • Time to usable part: 7 hours
  • Part cost: $16.80

Contact us to learn more, request a sample part or get a quote.

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