How Additive Manufacturing Labs Can Meet Expanding Application Needs

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If you’re an Additive Manufacturing lab manager or a model maker in a company’s AM lab, you face a unique set of requirements:

  • Differentiation of materials – you serve a variety of applications and functions at your company, which means you need to be capable of providing a range of materials and different approaches to printing.
  • Faster part turnaround and delivery – you need to turn around part requests very quickly, especially when a request is urgent or when the deadline is just one day. AM labs that can meet fast-turnaround requests will be far more effective than those that can’t meet these demands.
  • Maximize throughput and efficiency – sometimes you receive large orders, or many orders come in at one time, as in the case of a small lab that serves hundreds of engineers across the company.
  • Track requests from many internal clients and track multiple iterations per part – with all of those orders and associated parts, how do you keep track of the versions and customers? There are different approaches to addressing this, some more effective than others.
  • Manage space and infrastructure requirements of the lab – this typically applies to smaller labs that must meet capability requirements, but do not have the space to house a fleet of different printers, each with its unique and narrow set of capabilities. It is beneficial to conserve space while maximizing capabilities with printers that can address a broader range of applications and requirements. In addition, many industrial 3D printers require venting or special tanks and chemicals for dissolving support. Not only do these items require space, they introduce a safety requirement that can be very expensive.

RIZE addresses these challenges with Augmented Deposition:

  • Functional Full-Color/Carbon Composite on one platform: XRIZE™, our all-in-one industrial desktop 3D printer, delivers the widest range of applications in prototyping, production and MRO.
  • Speed and Simplicityfastest time to part in hand with minimal, clean post-processing in seconds or minutes and highly-automated pre-processing. You can deliver parts to your customers faster than any other printer.
  • High Strength – Our base material is an engineering and medical grade thermoplastic with best-in-class Z-strength that mimics injection molded parts. It also provides other unique industrial material properties, for use in a wide range of functional applications:
    • Approved for skin & food contact
    • Negligible moisture absorption update of <.01%
    • Clean and recyclable
    • Low surface energy
    • High chemical resistance

Intelligent parts – RIZE 3D printers enable secure ink marking for printing QR/bar codes onto parts that connect the parts to your entire digital ecosystem, including design systems, data management systems and manufacturing systems. You can also print part/version numbers, instructions and more for tracking, authentication and compliance.

  • Safety – Unlike other 3D printers, our material emits zero-VOCs – no venting or other equipment is needed. This provides a people-safe and environment-safe process.

Sample Applications:

Functional Prototypes

Tooling & Manufacturing
Service Parts

Geography, Geology & Architecture

Product Design

Download these case studies to see how other additive manufacturing labs are using RIZE 3D Printing:

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