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Personalized 3D Printing in Life Sciences: Shaping the Future Today

Interest in additive manufacturing within the Life Sciences industry has grown significantly in the last few years. This is because additive manufacturing has a wide range of applications in surgery, healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device industries and as a catalyst for personalized medicine, diagnostics, and training or learning practices.

Using additive manufacturing, Life Sciences companies strive to improve patient outcomes by driving innovation, personalization and enhancing product quality with new manufacturing processes and materials. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) encourages Life Sciences companies to use additive manufacturing to achieve these goals, yet there are many complex regulations for them to manage.

In a new Insight Brief, Life Sciences industry analyst, Axendia, outlines:

  • Applications for additive manufacturing in Life Sciences
  • Unique performance considerations for additive manufacturing equipment in Life Sciences
  • FDA guidelines for “document,” “describe” and “identify” in Life Sciences manufacturing
  • How RIZE’s APD additive manufacturing technology is key to Traceability, Control of Process Parameters and validated processes that Life Sciences manufacturers must maintain and control to meet the regulatory baseline
  • How CONMED, a global Medical Device manufacturer is using RIZE for functional applications to speed time to market, while cutting costs

Download Axendia’s Insight Brief to learn how Life-Science companies are experiencing significant benefits using 3D Printing technologies for complex, additive manufacturing processes in a regulated environment.

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