Top 5 Capabilities Educators Should Look for in a 3D Printer

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A two-year study by UL Chemical Safety and the Georgia Institute of Technology found that most 3D printers – especially FDM and FFF 3D printers – are not safe, emitting an alarming number of toxic particles. This report comes at a time when 3D printers are increasingly used in educational settings.

Safety is one critically important criteria educators should insist upon in a 3D printer. We’ve outlined the top 5 criteria that should be carefully assessed before placing a 3D printer in an educational institution.

The UL/GIT report found over 200 VOCs, irritants and carcinogens in each 3D printer they tested, including formaldehyde, styrene and caprolactam. Yet, these 3D printers are commonly found in schools.

RIZE 3D printers offer a completely safe process and materials, without any VOCs. In fact, RIZE won the 2019 Frost & Sullivan award for ‘Best Practices in Technology Innovation in the Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing Industry.’ Our recyclable RIZIUM material is used in several medical applications, so educators, students and their parents can rest assured students are safe when handling the parts or operating the printer.

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Easy to Use
Many 3D printers require complex build plate leveling, calibration, special storage of material and a high degree of expertise that can limit the range of students and faculty who use the printer.

We designed RIZE 3D printers to be practically as easy to use as a 2D printer. We like to call it a ‘one-click user experience.’ Students and users of any experience level can be up and running with a RIZE 3D printer in <20 minutes.

Watch RIZE’s easy end-to-end 3D printing process below:

Fast Time-to-Part
Students need to deliver parts for projects within tight deadlines. It’s important to point out that 3D printing speed involves more than just print time. What matters is the time it takes to get the completed part. To that end, pre- and post-processing time must be considered.

RIZE makes it easy for you to 3D print files you created in the software programs you use the most. If you use SOLIDWORKS and CREO, you can print directly to RIZE from within those programs via RIZE plugins, without any exporting or importing.

We’re probably best known for our unique, minimal post-processing capability that enables users to simply peel away supports from the part with their bare hands, in an office or classroom setting, without chemicals, soaking, sanding, coating, etc. With RIZE, users remove supports cleanly, safely and quickly, leaving smooth surfaces where the supports attached to the part. This speeds part turnaround by 50%.

rize 3d printed part peel away support, easy to remove 3d parts support

Traceability and Authenticity
Academic institutions inherently have numerous students, classes, academic departments and projects that all require parts to be 3D printed. You can imagine how it can be a challenge to track student projects and ensure that the appropriate project and student are being matched for review and grading purposes.

With RIZE’s unique ink marking capability, students and instructors can securely 3D print onto the part student names, part numbers and QR codes containing detailed information to ensure the part is connected to the student’s projects and reports. This ensures traceability and authentication for reviews and grading.

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Affordable and Full Color
The limited color capability of nearly all 3D printers restricts the ability for them to be used beyond the engineering department.

The full-color capability of our XRIZE 3D printer enables a wider range of applications across academic departments, such as architecture, geology, geography, life sciences, engineering, product design and the arts.

And, RIZE material is a fraction of the cost of similar technologies, so students can afford to print frequently. RIZE eliminates the high costs required for special venting, storage and disposal facilities.

RIZE is providing educational institutions, like FIRST Robotics, with a safer, easier, more affordable and highly reliable alternative to FDM/FFF 3D printers, while delivering a wider range of functional capabilities.

Watch a free, on-demand webinar or contact us to learn more.

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