Faster Parts with Lower Costs

See 70%+ savings compared to traditional manufacturing with RIZE's Safe Industrial 3D printing

RIZE 3D Printer, Safe 3D Printing, RIZIUM, Minimal Post Processing 3D Printer

< 2 Minutes Post-Processing Means Faster Time to Part

Rize patented process puts a release agent between the supports and the part. Supports can be easily peeled away and most parts require less than 2 minutes of post-processing. After removal of the supports, the surfaces are functional and require no rework enabling users to get parts ready much faster.

Design Anywhere, 3D Print Anywhere

RIZE 3D printers are certified safe for your health, enabling you to print at the point of consumption. Printing anywhere from engineering departments to factory floors enables faster iterative loops to get to the final manufactured part and push the final product to the market faster.

Office-Safe 3D Printer, RIZE OneTouch, Zero VOC 3D Printer
Multi-Material 3D Printer, Polymer 3D Printing, Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Strong & Durable Materials

Rize materials are high end engineering polymers with unique capabilities – excellent chemical resistance, high strength and durability. Compared to traditional manufacturing customers see 15x faster production rates and 40x cheaper cost per part.

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