Build Smart Spaces around RIZE 3D Printers

Supercharge Innovation with Intelligent Parts & Smarter Workflows

Empowering Simulation through Interactivity, Intelligent Parts

Smarter Connected Workflows

Health First

RIZE 3D printers are the world's first UL 2904 certified with Safe recyclable materials. RIZE 3D printers belong next to you in your office or in the manufacturing floor, allowing for connected user experiences and delivering compressed design cycle time.

Integrate RIZE Easily

RIZE 3D printers and softwares are designed for ease of use. Our multi-material 3DPrinters allow you to work with plastics and carbon materials from the same platform.

Industry Renaissance Ready

RIZE 3D printers are Industry Renaissance ready for Cloud Integrations and IOTs with real time updates and analytics.

Intelligent Parts

Full Color

Enhance your RIZE 3D printed parts with colors and images. Personalize parts, enhance prototypes with FEA, and much more...

QR Codes

RIZE 3D printing solutions allow you to print QR Codes directly onto the part adding trust and traceability to protect your Intellectual property


RIZE 3D printed parts are intelligent and digitally augmented with marking capabilities. Add instructions, warnings, signs and more to your parts!

Generative Design

Designing parts for specific objectives and constraints can be difficult on the computer. Having a RIZE 3D printer greatly accelerates understanding of the designs.

Intelligent Parts with RIZIUM MARKING INKS: QR CODE Gimbal Mount

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