3D Printing Solutions for Enterprise

Cut Lead Times by 8 Weeks and Costs by up to 98%

An in-depth study by The Parts Standardization and Management Committee at the US Department of Defense determined that the cost of introducing a new part into inventory is approximately $20K USD. Additive manufacturing is having a significant impact at some of the largest manufacturers in the world to cut costs and turnaround times on parts used for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and to increase production uptime.

Companies like PSMI use RIZE 3D printers to reduce inventory by transforming supply chains from order-on-demand to make-on-demand for replacement parts when a supplier is out of business, small-batch parts and complex parts that can’t be made quickly using traditional methods.

Using RIZE to augment your existing tool room capacity and free up machines for critical jobs, you can safely, easily and quickly produce on-demand custom tooling, fixtures and jigs with best-in-class Z-strength, develop innovative prototypes and cost-effectively manufacture small-batch spare parts to reduce physical inventory and keep the line running. With RIZE’s digitally augmented parts capability, users can embed secure QR codes into parts that tie back to detailed digital information about the part for traceability, authenticity and compliance. Without VOCs and using only safe, recyclable materials, RIZE 3D printers are ideal for use on the production floor, in the tool room or in an office.

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