Instadesign Introduces RIZE Additive Manufacturing Event

Join RIZE and RIZE Authorized Reseller, Instadesign, for their launch of RIZE additive manufacturing technology. See how companies like Merck, CONMED, Emerson and NASA use their RIZE 3D printers in additive manufacturing labs and model shops to augment their existing capacity of FDM machines at a low initial investment and for 5X cheaper per part. With our unique minimal pre- and post-processing capability, you’ll get parts with best-in-class Z-strength into your customers’ hands 50% faster than any other 3D printer. And, our digitally augmented parts capability enables you to embed secure QR codes into parts that tie back to detailed digital information in your system about the part for versioning, traceability, authenticity and compliance.

  • Thursday, November 29, 2018, 9:30AM
  • 1101 Autoroute Chomedey #200, Laval, QC