RIZE Road Warriors Tour

Adding Flair to Additive!

We’re bringing RIZE additive manufacturing to you! RIZE and Impac Systems will hit the road in cities throughout Texas and Oklahoma from June 24th to July 11th, 8:00AM-3:30PM with a fully-outfitted van, featuring RIZE 3D printing technology.

We’ll discuss and compare CNC, Injection Molding/Casting and Additive Manufacturing, and where different Additive technologies fit in the design verification and production process.

You’ll learn all about RIZE’s innovative and patented hybrid Augmented Deposition 3D printing process that combines industrial material extrusion and material jetting to produce functional full-color parts, carbon composite parts and parts made from engineered polymers. Learn how RIZE 3D printers are purpose-built for safety, strength, accuracy and ease of use.

The event is free, and we encourage you to bring a part and let Impac’s ISE engineers discuss additive manufacturing with you and have the part printed.

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July 11, Dallas, TX, Hilton Garden Inn Las Colinas, 7516 Las Colinas Blvd., Irving