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UL 2904 GREENGUARD Certification

A recent study by UL Chemical Safety and the Georgia Institute of Technology has found that most 3D printers emit a number of toxic particles.

Rize 3D Printers are the first to be health and safety certified by the UL 2904 GREENGUARD standard. The certification highlights Rize's commitment to providing the highest degree of 3D printing safety.

UL 2904 GREENGUARD certified 3D printers

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Why Safety Matters in 3D Printing

Health & Safety First

Full color 3D printed anatomical heart model

No Toxic VOCs Means No Venting Required

Rize 3D Printers produce negligible Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) emissions and can be used to print anywhere without venting requirements. Print from your home, lab, office, basement with peace of mind.

Zero Chemicals, Minimal Post-Processing

Peel supports away easily with no extra devices, no soluble supports and zero chemicals. Rize supports are built to be peelable and provide incredible surface finish, even below supports.

Minimal post-processing
Non-toxic safe materials

Safety Backed by Material Innovation

Rizium Materials shine in their diversity of applications, especially in environments where safety, strength and durability are paramount. Developed from medical-grade materials, the filaments are non-toxic, sterilizable and moisture & chemical resistant.

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