Versatile, multi-material additive manufacturing platform

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Full-Color Functional Parts

Produce vibrant, full-color functional parts with minimal post-processing.

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Produce parts that mimic injection molded parts with the best-in-class Z-strength.

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Industrial and Office Safe

Zero emissions – requires no venting; no chemical or glues during pre-processing and post-processing; food and people safe material.

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minimal material management 3d printing, 3d printing for industry

Minimal Parts Management

Near zero pre- and post-processing.

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Minimal Material Management

No special storage required as our RIZIUM One material has less than .01% moisture absorption.

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100% Rizium™ One

Safe to handle, doesn’t emit any VOCs, and parts can even be recycled.

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Build digital rights management into physical 3D printed parts using our patented Augmented Deposition technology.

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