RIZE Announces Partnership with the Wichita State University National Institute for Aviation Research to Accelerate Innovation in the Aviation Industry

WOBURN, Mass. May 22, 2019 RIZE, Inc., a Boston, USA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company, has partnered with Wichita State University’s (WSU) National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) to digitally reinvent the way aviation customers approach advanced product development and manufacturing through the use of Intelligent Additive Manufacturing. The partnership, focused on research and academia, includes NIAR’s purchase of a XRIZE 3D printer for the 3DEXPERIENCE® Center at WSU. The 3DEXPERIENCE® Center is designed to help companies implement new technology to accelerate innovation.

Additive manufacturing enables companies to design and fabricate any shape without restriction. Manufacturers can reduce waste by up to 90 percent and eliminate mistakes which impact quality and cost.

RIZE’s innovative and patented Augmented Deposition additive manufacturing platform enables users to build intelligent parts in engineered polymers and carbon composite for prototyping, manufacturing and service. Users can produce Digitally Augmented Parts by printing an immutable QR or bar code onto the part that connects the part to their entire digital ecosystem, including design systems, data management systems and manufacturing systems. This capability provides new experiences using AR/VR, assembly and service instructions and marketplaces to deliver smart spaces with enable engineers to drive accelerated innovation.

RIZE is focused on safety – in the printing process, in materials and in post-processing – by ensuring zero emissions, people-safe materials and use of non-toxic, recyclable materials.

“We are very excited to add the XRIZE patented technology to our portfolio of additive manufacturing equipment and ongoing research,” said Shawn Ehrstein, NIAR director of CAD/CAM and Emerging Technologies. “We look forward to the integration of the printing capabilities to enhance seamless digital continuity.”

“Our mission is to drive additive manufacturing at scale by making it safe, easy and digitally connected,” said Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of RIZE. “NIAR is a premier research organization and will help push the boundaries of our technology to deliver smart solutions for innovation in design, production and service. Their unique abilities in leading edge areas like generative design, AR/VR align well with our building new solutions like Smart Spaces for the 3DEXPERIENCE® Center.”

RIZE additive manufacturing will be demonstrated this week at RAPID+TCT in Detroit, Michigan in booth #408.

About RIZE
RIZE Inc. is a Boston, USA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company defining Desktop Industrial 3D Printing. RIZE™ released its first product, RIZE™ ONE, which is winning industry and customer accolades. RIZE won a 2019 Frost & Sullivan award for ‘Best Practices in Technology Innovation in the Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing industry, 2019 NED Innovation Award’ and IDC name RIZE a ‘2018 Innovator in 3D Printing.’ Prestigious organizations like NASA, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and Merck have chosen the product for supporting their additive manufacturing needs.

RIZE’s unique patented Augmented Deposition technology, combining industrial material extrusion and material jetting, is an industry breakthrough. With this hybrid technology, RIZE™ delivers industrial-strength parts with zero labor applied to post processing, complete authentication and trust by printing text, images and QR codes. RIZE also delivers materials that are safe and recyclable. RIZE ONE, the first product based on this technology, released in 2017, is in operation at numerous customer sites across the world and XRIZE™, released in 2018, is the world’s first all-in-one Desktop Additive Manufacturing platform that builds functional carbon fiber and full-color parts.

RIZE additive manufacturing solutions combine simplicity, speed, safety, strength and security, all at the most competitive price point in the industry. For more information, visit www.rize3d.com.

For more information on NIAR research efforts, contact Jeswin Joseph C., Research Manager, NIAR Emerging Technologies at jeswinjoseph@niar.wichita.edu


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