Rize Begins Shipping Rize One 3D Printer, Accelerates Growth

WOBURN, Mass. June 26, 2017 – Rize Inc., maker of the world’s most versatile industrial 3D printing technology that provides the industry’s fastest, on-demand turnaround of injection-molded quality parts, announced today that it has begun commercial shipments of its Rize™ One 3D printer. The Company also reports continued, rapid growth over the last six months.

Following Rize’s announcement about the public availability of Rize One in February 2017, the Company has received wide praise and recognition for its patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process, unique part strength and material properties, industry-leading speed of part delivery due to virtually zero post processing after printing and unprecedented operational cost savings. All of which opens entirely new applications and market opportunities for 3D printing and additive manufacturing never before possible.

“We are seeing increasing worldwide demand for our Rize One 3D printer, particularly among global manufacturers and healthcare facilities, and we are excited to have begun shipping,” said Eugene Giller, Rize Founder and President. “Our passionate and deeply experienced team has accomplished an enormous amount in a very short timeframe. We are working to quickly expand our go-to-market initiatives, while continuing to develop innovative new products.”

In the six months since launching Rize One, Rize has achieved the following:

Company Highlights

  • -Commercial production and shipment of the Rize One 3D printer
  • -Significant US channel expansion
  • -Customer sales of the Rize One 3D printer
  • -Addition to Board of Directors, Santhana Krishnan

Product Highlights

Awards and Distinctions

Rize will demonstrate its Rize One 3D printer and APD technology at several upcoming events.

About Rize

Rize is transforming how products are designed and manufactured with our patented and versatile APD (Augmented Polymer Deposition) industrial 3D printing technology for your lab, office or virtually any remote location that enables you to produce low volumes of injection molded-quality parts on demand, faster than any other 3D printing technology, significantly speeding your entire R&D and production processes. Our deeply experienced team of former Z Corporation and Revit materials, hardware and software experts, with over 20 3D printing patents, is fulfilling an unmet need for a completely office-safe and affordable 3D printing platform that can be used successfully across a wide variety of commercial applications, including, prototyping tooling, fixtures and jigs and customized end-use products. https://rize3d.com