Rize To Sponsor Develop3D Live USA 2017

Rize will demonstrate Rize One 3D Printer in Booth 7

WOBURN, Mass. October 2, 2017 – Rize Inc., maker of the world’s only 3D printer to use its patented APD platform to produce injection molded-quality manufacturing parts, announced today that it will be a Silver Sponsor and exhibit its Rize™ One 3D printer at the upcoming Develop3D Live USA event in Rize booth 7.

Suitable for the additive manufacturing lab, the engineering office or virtually any field location, Rize One uniquely produces watertight and isotropic-strength thermoplastic parts, with detailed text and images, that are twice as strong as the competition. Rize One is also the only office-safe 3D printer, without toxic particle emissions, mess or harmful materials throughout the process and limited post-processing after 3D printing, saving users up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in staffing costs alone and up to 100% in total processing time. Considering the number of parts produced per month, the number of iterations per part and the duration of each iteration, this unique capability has an extraordinarily positive impact on total R&D process time, costs and designs. Manufacturing engineers can place a Rize One 3D printer next to the assembly line to build custom or replacement tooling, fixtures and jigs on demand, avoiding costly down time and excess inventory. Rize One is also ideal for efficiently producing a low volume of custom end-use parts.

What: In booth 7, visitors will:

  • -See Rize One, the only 3D printer that harnesses APD technology to deliver unmatched part strength, speed, ease of use, safety, cleanliness and affordability
  • -Learn about Rize’s patented, safe and environmentally-friendly Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) platform
  • -Examine isotropic, watertight, parts with high HDT and detailed text and images that are twice as strong as ABSplus and even stronger than carbon fiber-reinforced parts
  • -Meet Rize Founder and President, Eugene Giller, and discuss their requirements with the Rize team
  • Apply online or in person to become a Rize Authorized Reseller

When: October 23-24, 2017

Where: George Sherman Union, Boston University, Boston, MA

In its second year, Develop3D Live USA includes talks, multi-tracks and exhibits covering the latest technologies in design and digital fabrication.

About Rize

Only Rize’s patented simultaneous extrusion/jetting APD (Augmented Polymer Deposition) 3D printing platform delivers an innovative combination of unique material properties and process that produces injection molded-quality parts and expands additive manufacturing beyond the lab to entirely new applications not possible with any other 3D printer. Our deeply experienced team of former Z Corporation and Revit materials, hardware and software experts, with over 20 3D printing patents, is fulfilling an unmet need for a completely office-safe and affordable 3D printing platform that can be used successfully across a wide variety of commercial applications, including, functional prototyping, custom and replacement tooling, fixtures, jigs and end-use products.