Generate more revenue and deliver parts 2x faster with XRIZE


Increase your revenue by expanding your throughput, diversity of applications and competitive differentiation with XRIZE™, the industry’s first all-in-one industrial desktop 3D printer.

XRIZE builds carbon composite and full-color functional parts in engineered polymers on a single platform. This enables higher utilization of the technology across a wider range of applications in diverse industries, including prototyping, production tooling and service parts. Minimal post processing, low set up and maintenance costs and reliable operations enable XRIZE to deliver rapid ROI.

XRIZE builds intelligent parts for improved customer experiences. Our Digitally Augmented Parts capability lets you print a secure QR code onto the part that connects the part to your customer’s entire digital ecosystem, including design systems, data management systems and manufacturing systems.

RIZE™ offers:

  • Fastest-time-to part – Deliver parts 2X faster with RIZE’s minimal, clean post-processing capability
  • Best-in-class Z-strength – Ideal for production and service parts
  • ROI in <4 months – Affordable to purchase and operate
  • Ink-marking capability – Print logos, contact details and quotes onto parts as sales tools
  • Inclusive Offer of SOLIDWORKS and RIZE 3D printers – Buy a RIZE 3D printer and get a coupon for a perpetual commercial license of SOLIDWORKS design software*

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until December 31, 2019.

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