3D Printing for Small to Medium Businesses

ROI in <4 Months

You need to stay ahead of the competition by cutting costs, speeding turnaround time, providing better quality products and superior customer service. Additive manufacturing can help you produce tooling, fixtures and jigs that help streamline production and increase customer satisfaction.

Companies who have never used 3D printing before, like HMS Industries, IRA Green, Oakland Automation and ThermoFab, have seen an ROI with their RIZE™ ONE 3D printers in <4 months. They use RIZE to safely, easily and quickly produce on-demand custom tooling, fixtures and jigs with best-in-class Z-strength to increase revenue, cut costs and improve product quality. With RIZE’s digitally augmented parts capability, you can embed secure QR codes into parts that tie back to detailed digital information about the part for traceability, authenticity and compliance. Without VOCs and using only safe, recyclable materials, RIZE 3D printers are ideal for use on the production floor, in the tool room or in an office.

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