Smart Spaces for Innovation, Powered by XRIZE

‘Connected, interactive and intelligent environments’

  • Smart Spaces integrate innovative approaches in design with safe, easy and full-color 3D printing
  • Create intelligent parts that can be digitally connected to AR/VR technologies, blockchain and intelligent systems
  • Companies will accelerate innovation, improve productivity and cut costs by up to 90%

Smart Spaces in Product Innovation

  • Accelerate time-to-part with increased iterations.
  • Enable design and simulation to be on the same page.
  • Generative shapes can be rapidly validated to create new and lightweight designs.

RIZE customers demonstrate success accelerating innovation and prototyping for half the cost of other 3D printers, such as this customer example:

CPG wanted to compress the time to deliver usable parts to their 270 engineers, scientists and technicians who needed them, while ensuring the safety of their AM lab operators.

CPG uses RIZE™ ONE for functional and visual prototypes due its unique part strength and ink marking capability.

  • Parts produced 50% faster for half the cost vs. their existing FDM printers
  • Build 5-10 parts per week, and up to 20 parts per week during peak periods
  • Diverts jobs from FDM printer
  • Resolved companies safety concerns

Smart Spaces in Manufacturing

  • Cost reductions of up to 90% by producing custom tools, jigs and fixtures, low volume parts and reduce errors in the engineering-to-manufacturing handoff.

RIZE users in manufacturing rise to the challenge of reducing manufacturing costs to produce functional tools, replacement parts and more, like this customer:

HMS Industries, Inc. needed a faster, more affordable way, versus aluminum, to build functional jigs and fixtures to hold parts in machines during CMM quality inspections.

Using their staff in their tool shop, HMS prints work holding with part numbers and instructions, as well as complex parts to assist in the quoting process before machining.

  • Saves $1,000 and 2 days per part
  • Eliminates need for employee to be taken off another job
  • Uses ink marking to identify where part should be placed and part numbers
  • HMS team trained and up and running in less than 20 minutes

Smart Spaces in Service Innovation

  • Increase uptime of the plant and equipment by on-demand printing of spare parts and reduce locked capital through digital inventories.

Customers extend the benefits of RIZE 3D printers by improving and enhancing the services they provide to their customers, like this example below:

PSMI wanted to find a better solution for sourcing machine spare parts. Orders are traditionally very costly due to small-batch quantities, and needed quickly. Parts can be difficult to source because they are old and OEMs have gone out of business or parts became obsolete and prints do not exist.

PSMI created a wholly-owned subsidiary, Azoth, to provide its customers with on-site AM solutions. Azoth partnered with RIZE to build digital tool cribs. Manufacturing parts together on demand eliminates bottlenecks and saves money.


  • Reduced some part costs by as much as 98%
  • Cut lead times by as much as 8 weeks
  • Ink marking capability ensures full traceability
  • Safe, easy production of industrial parts provides compliance with plant safety policies

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