Functional Prototyping

Innovate on design and pre-production parts and assemblies with RIZE

Purpose built for safety, strength, accuracy and surface finish

Fully Trusted and Traceable Parts

3D Printed Fixtures, Mounts and Brackets
Fixtures, Mounts and Brackets
Generative Designs, RIZIUM BLACK
Generative Designs
3D Printed Thermoforming
Full-Color 3D Prototyping
Full-Color Prototyping
Generative Designs, RIZIUM MARKING INK on Gimbal Mount
Generative Designs


  • Iterate and test faster in the design process.
  • Drive innovation and deliver exceptional products to the marketplace.


  • Traditional manufacturing has long lead times, is expensive and slows down the design process.
  • RIZE 3D printers are purpose-built for safety, strength and accuracy with fastest time to part - delivering the part on the same day and at minimal cost.


  • Marking capability creating fully trusted and traceable parts with part numbers and QR codes.
  • Time savings from 3 days to 1 day per iteration.
  • Save 50% on material costs.
  • Zero post-processing makes it faster to get to the final part.
  • Zero VOCs allows the printer to be used in design facility with no venting.
  • Compress product launch by up to 3 weeks.

Prototyping and functional prototyping is essential to deliver best-in-class products to end customers. This requires testing the prototypes continuously at different iterations during design and in manufacturing. Product design and development is collaborative with multiple stakeholders, iterating until pre-production builds are ready to launch a new product.

RIZE 3D printers are purpose built for safety, strength, accurate parts required for functional prototyping. With an ability to print from plastic to carbon, version numbers on the part, zero post-processing that takes seconds/minutes to remove the supports and industrial nature of the 3D printer, RIZE is a ‘workhorse’ for many customers. This allows RIZE customers for faster iteration, compressed design cycle times and get to pre-production parts and assemblies quickly before scaling manufacturing