On-Demand Service/End-Use Parts

Minimize customer downtime while optimizing inventory to reduce costs with RIZE

Purpose built for safety, strength, accuracy and surface finish

Elastomeric Molds, RIZE 3D Printed Mold
Elastomeric Molds
Carbon Fiber Printed Robot Gripper, Carbon 3D Printing
Robot Gripper
3D Printed Generative Gimbal Mount
Generative Gimbal Mount
3D Printed End-Use Pulley
Stamping Fixtures, 3D Printed Tooling Fixture
Stamping Fixtures


  • Reduce customers downtime.
  • Digital inventory leading to reduced inventory costs.
  • Source obsolete and difficult to source parts at lower cost and faster lead times.


  • Companies face enormous challenges sourcing machine spare parts.
  • Safe process and materials allows RIZE to be used in customer plants to manufacture replacement and service parts.
  • Ink marking allows for traceability, authenticity and compliance.


  • Reduced part costs by over 70%.
  • Cut lead times by as much as 8 weeks.
  • Ink Marking ensures full traceability.
  • Meets compliance and plant safety issues.

Sourcing machine replacement and spare parts presents enormous challenges for companies. Parts become costly as they are in small batch orders with tooling no longer available. It is also expensive to keep all the necessary inventory in the tool crib to keep a factory floor running. These parts are not prioritized in traditional manufacturing shops with high prices especially when supplier has discontinued a product or has gone out of business.

RIZE 3D printers are purpose built for Safety, Strength and Accurate parts. With near zero emissions and ease of use – RIZE 3D printers can be used on manufacturing floor or at any point of consumption. This enables RIZE 3D printers to be used in customers’ plants, most of whom have strict safety and compliance standards. With QR codes embedded in the part, companies can document every detail and versioning history of parts. This allows for digital inventory management with significant savings in inventory costs.

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