RIZE 3D printing for Architecture

Build Physical Models Quickly, Safely and Easily

3D printing is helping Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies transform their ideas into physical models that clients and other stakeholders can hold in their hands for improved communication and faster approvals, and to streamline the production of manufactured parts.

Companies like New Hudson Facades are seeing an ROI in <4 months by using their RIZE 3D printers to safely, easily and quickly produce custom tooling fixtures and jigs on demand, with best-in-class Z-strength, to speed production 15%, cut costs $200K+ per year and increase product quality. RIZE 3D printers can even print secure information on a functional part, such as a QR code, to produce the industry’s first Digitally Augmented Parts that connect the physical part to its digital record, providing traceability, compliance and authenticity. Without VOCs and using only safe, recyclable materials, RIZE 3D printers are ideal for use in an office, on the production floor and in the tool room.

Contact us to discover why RIZE won a 2019 Frost & Sullivan award for ‘Best Practices in Technology Innovation in the Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing industry’ and IDC named RIZE a ‘2018 Innovator in 3D printing.’

RIZE 3D printers provide:

SAFETY: Clean operation and materials, without any harmful emissions – suitable for office use.

SPEED: Fastest time-to-part, with minimal pre- and post-processing, 2X faster than other 3D printers.

FULL COLOR: Full-color, functional parts for detailed visual studies.

EASY: Setup – be up and running in <20 minutes.

VALUE: Affordable to purchase and use, with ROI in <4 months

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