RIZE 3D printing for Manufacturing

Manufacture Tooling, Service Parts & Functional Prototypes

Manufacturers of all sizes and sectors need to speed production, develop innovative prototypes and manufacture small-batch spare parts for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) to reduce inventory and keep the line running – all while cutting costs and adhering to strict plant safety standards.

Companies like Fuji, Azoth, Emerson, New Hudson Facades and Merck are up and running with RIZE 3D printers in <20 minutes and use them across the value chain to safely, easily and quickly produce on-demand custom tooling, fixtures and jigs with best-in-class Z-strength to speed production 2X, cut costs by $1000+ per part and improve product quality. They’re also reducing inventory by transforming supply chains from order-on-demand to make-on-demand, cost-effectively manufacturing replacement parts in 1 day vs. 8 weeks at a fraction of the cost when a supplier is out of business, small-batch parts and complex parts that can’t be made quickly using traditional methods.

With RIZE’s digitally augmented parts capability, users can embed secure QR codes into parts that tie back to detailed digital information about the part for traceability, authenticity and compliance. Without VOCs and using only safe, recyclable materials, RIZE 3D printers are ideal for use on the production floor, in the tool room, in a retail setting and in every engineer’s office.

RIZE 3D printers can offer your manufacturing or factory floor:

SPEED: Fastest time-to-part with minimal pre- and post-processing, 2X faster than other 3D printers.

EASY: To learn and use, get up and running in <20 minutes.

STRENGTH: Best-in-class Z-strength and a range of material properties to suit a variety of industrial applications.

FULL-COLOR: Functional full color and digitally augmented parts for traceability, compliance and authenticity.

SAFETY: Clean operation and materials without any VOCs.

VALUE: Affordable to purchase and operate 24/7.

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