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The RIZE slicer has been custom designed from the ground up to generate tool paths for building parts fast without compromising strength. Users can import files in multiple formats, including stl, obj, 3mf, ply, vrml, and fbx or use the SOLIDWORKS plug-in to directly import a model from CAD. Intelligent slicing automatically identifies and handles problems in the imported file, such as incomplete surfaces or mismatching surface boundaries. A simple and intuitive interface lets users rotate, move and scale one or multiple parts on the build bed for printing with automatic support-structure generation. Use the default settings for reliable results or the advanced options to specialize output for unique situations. And, only RIZE OneTouch software includes markup features to apply text, graphics and 2D barcodes to parts.

Rize OneTouch Basics

Controlling the View

Learn how to navigate the viewport in OneTouch, to efficiently view and examine imported models.

Opening a Model

Learn how to import printable models into OneTouch, to populate the build and prepare for printing.

Rotating & Translating a Model

Learn how to move and orient models in OneTouch, to control their placement and manage print time.

Scaling & Replicating a Model

Learn how to adjust model quantities and scales in OneTouch, to achieve the proper sizes and make the most of every print.

Marking Basics


Learn about OneTouch's Markup Mode, which can add color and information to part models for full-color 3D printing.

Applying Pictures

Learn how to navigate Markup Mode and add colorful images onto part models.

Text and Serial Numbers

Learn how to add colorful text markups and automated serial numbers to part models in OneTouch.

QR Codes

Learn about QR codes and how they can be created and applied to part models in OneTouch.

Slice View Basics


Learn about OneTouch's Slice View which lets you diagnose potential problems and plan the right approach to printing a model.

Materials Resolution and Density

Learn how to control Slice View properties to achieve the best results.


Use Slice View to verify and improve part designs before printing and eliminate potential issues.

Download RIZE OneTouch

Find the latest software updates available for download below:

RIZE OneTouch Setup Software 2.0.0 Release Notes (View the PDF or Download the PDF)

RIZE Add-in for SOLIDWORKS (Add-in works with SOLIDWORKS version 2018 and later)

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